Kevin Kasir I Gay Life Coach


Executive Assistant, Encino, CA

I came to Kevin at a time where my anxiety was affecting every aspect of my life. I knew what I wanted to achieve for the day, but was unable to get anything done because of how overwhelmed I felt. There were many days where I couldn’t even get out of bed. Kevin helped me understand that my goals were achievable if I broke them down into smaller more tangible steps. With this mindset, I was no longer daunted by the thought of not having a “successful day;” instead I was focused on achieving smaller goals throughout the day and celebrating those successes.  Although I still struggle with anxiety, I am now equipped with tools to overcome these feelings. My mental health and productivity has improved profoundly since I started working with Kevin.

Entertainment, Hollywood, CA

Before chatting with Kevin, I was lacking motivation with my career, insecure about a few relationship topics, and not focused on my financial stability. Kevin is extremely open, honest, and supportive. He creates a safe space for folks to be themselves and open up about anything and everything, with no judgement. I felt comfortable talking about every topic with Kevin, and knew he had my best interests in mind. Just having someone to talk about these issues was helpful, but Kevin supplemented his amazing communication and listening skills with actionable steps for me to take my nutrition and fitness to the next level. He shared his financial tips and strategies, and uplifted me regarding my insecurities about relationships. I am happy to still be working with him!

Accountant, Minneapolis, MN

I was struggling with my health. I used to be in great physical shape. Kevin listened to me thoroughly and asked more questions for me to elaborate and it brought a different perspective for me to see myself in. I never felt judged or any less of myself when expressing my personal flaws. After working with Kevin, I started to WANT to do better for myself. I appreciate the new mentality I gained. I have been in the gym a lot more. Not sleeping in and wasting most of my day in bed. It is interesting to see my confidence in everything I do. I am not nervous in my job interviews and I speak up more when I feel like I am not being heard.

Kevin Kasir Gay Life Coach Green Shirt Smile
Kevin Kasir Gay Life Coach Green Shirt Smile

Gay and Confident Life Coaching

  • 3 Months of Weekly 1-on-1 Zoom sessions (12 total, each 60 min).

  • Unlimited text/voice memo check-ins between sessions.

  • Personalized resource library to support your goals.


Payment plan available

Find your potential with me during a Free Welcome Call (30 min).

Kevin Kasir Gay Life Coach Sitting Black Pink Floral Shirt
Kevin Kasir Gay Life Coach Sitting Black Pink Floral Shirt

2 Session Life Coaching

  • 60 min 1-on-1 Zoom session and 30 min follow-up.

  • Focus on 1 goal that feels so close, yet so far.

  • Option to rollover into 10 more sessions of Gay and Confident Life Coaching!


Find your potential with me during a Free Welcome Call (30 min).