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This could be you and your friends!

People often have this idea that a boyfriend will bring color back into their life. Realistically, how long does that last? What happens at the end of the relationship?

For most of my life I’ve focused on building close friendships, and I’m sure that’s why I feel so fulfilled socially. Even if a friendship ends, I don’t have to throw away other relationships I’ve built along the way. I can’t imagine how it would feel to integrate my social circle with a boyfriend, just to eventually have those new friends pick a side in which half of the ended relationship gets invited to social gatherings.

Boyfriends Are Great. Losing Them Isn’t.

It’s rare for new additions to my life to continue after the relationship ends. The end of a relationship often results in trying to fill that void of time we spent together with new hobbies and “focusing on me,” without the help of any friendships I met through him. 

Friendships are tough to find, especially as adults, but it is so exciting when it does happen. While writing this, I’m waiting for a friend to pick me up to get groceries together. Errand dates are my way of working around being busy adults. Also, these sober hangouts make our non-sober hangouts that much more fun! A structured activity is also a great way to make silences not feel awkward with a new friend. Next time you get groceries, laundry, or shop for gifts, try asking that friend you want to see more to come along!

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